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Storyteller, Enter-Trainer, Vision Designer

Zandra Ross is a community and organizational development magician and health lifestyle nut. She is dedicated to helping groups and individuals achieve their goals through honest communication, skills development, team building, healthy lifestyle embodiment, and lifestyle/executive coaching.




Open Communication

Organizational Purpose

Ownership & Accountability

Delegation & Efficiency

Team Cohesion

Culture of Enjoyment




In Person & Virtual

Tune Up Massage Therapy

Personal Leadership

Mindset Mastery

Emotional Intelligence

Self-Care Embodiment

Image by Bruce Warrington
When I met Zandra I was very new to my job. I had just left a long-time position which I loved, but it was very unhealthy for me in the end. So I made the move and started a new job, for which I was very fortunate. My new manager introduced me to Zandra! I was very closed off when I met her, coming from a toxic work environment and experienced a lot of grief in life, I felt like I was “stuck” and couldn’t move forward, or that I even had a voice.
Working with Zandra has helped me see that my opinion does matter, that I am important and the work that I do is valuable! She has given me the shake that I needed, brought me out of the fog I was in and helped me realize what it is that is holding me back. Now, I’m working on utilizing those tools to help me move forward to have a healthier, happier and more productive future.
If you seem to be stagnating or just feel “blah” , feel like you need a change but don’t know what to do about it? CALL ZANDRA!! If you have never met Zandra before, when you do you’ll quickly realize this lady gets things done!! Thank you Zandra! I look forward to our next session.

Rhonda Grandison